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"Brothers and Sisters by Choice, Rather Than By Chance"

Welcome to the Gladstone Martial Arts Academy website. We are an "Incorporated Non-Profit Club" located in the industrial harbour city of Gladstone in Central Queensland. We are the areas top Martial Arts school dedicated to passing on modern martial arts skills and traditional Martial Arts values in a supportive and fun environment.  We train and teach for the love of Martial Arts and the enjoyment we get when we see people grow and improve their lives.

We are unique in Gladstone because we offer a huge variety of classes:  BJC Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Fight Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Progressive Krav Maga & Zen Do Kai Martial Arts for not only men and women but also boys and girls.


At our Academy, with professional instruction from a qualified martial arts and fitness instructor with more than 25 years experience training champions not only in competition - but champions in life, you can train for fun and fitness, personal protection or even competition while working out with great people, in a great atmosphere, and getting great results.

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Gladstone Martial Arts Academy:

  1. We have the most number of style options available in CQ, (Zen Do Kai, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ) you choose a class that suits you.
  2. We have classes 5 days and nights a week, you choose a time and schedule that suits you.
  3. Our friendly and caring coaches are the most experienced and successful in Central Queensland, you will receive the best instruction available.
  4. Membership options include direct debit, month-to-month, long term, short term and casual with no locked in contracts, you simply choose an option that suits you.
  5. We frequently host the best coaches in the country and from around the world for seminars, you will have the opportunity to learn from the martial arts greats.
  6. The best training facility in Central Queensland that includes a matted training areas, hanging bags, ground and pound bags, an MMA cage, a boxing ring, pads and gloves, cardio and strength equipment and even a pro shop and canteen with eftpos available.
  7. Our classes can be trained in just for your enjoyment and personal development (confidence and discipline etc) or you can choose to compete as part of our super successful competition team.
  8. We choose carefully who we allow to join our club, so you will be a part of a "second family" full of new friends you can trust and know you are safe and secure.
  9. All of our classes involve a physical and mental workout so you can improve your fitness, help your weight loss, improve flexibility and even relieve stress.
  10. Coaches travel around the country and the world to improve their skills and you will have the opportunity to travel with the team for a next level martial arts experience.
We are the number one Martial Arts school in Gladstone.
We set the standard, others copy.